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Announcement Partnership HYET Sweet and Vitasweet

September 25, 2019 6:00 am

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Announcing a Business Cooperation Between Vitasweet and HYET Sweet




Breda, Liyang, September 2019 – Both companies, Vitasweet and HYET Sweet are active in the sweetener industry and have developed their companies in a successful manner. Since June both companies have worked on an agreement to strengthen each others position in the market and have come to a long term cooperation.

The partnership will give both companies room to develop while under the terms of the agreement both companies have created the conditions to offer HYET Aspartame in the EU at competitive prices and look forward to work together with all customers and distributors.

Mr. Luo, Chairman of Vitasweet, commented: “With this game changing partnership we can continue to satisfy the customer needs and support them better. This is consistent with our vision and strategy to strengthen our market position to make a happier, healthier and sweeter life”

Ad Timmermans, Director of HYET Sweet added: “We are happy that together with Vitasweet the continuation of building a sweetener powerhouse can be realized”.



As of today you can order HYET Aspartame produced by Vitasweet via




This address can also be used if more information is required, we are happy to help you in finding the best solution to your sweetener need.