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Cost saving with High Intensity Sweeteners up to 90%

March 1, 2018 3:39 pm

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Did you know you can save costs by using a blend of sweeteners for your beverage application?

For example, ace-k and aspartame are commonly used in the beverage industry, for carbonated soft drinks like colas.

Even though sweeteners are actually in use to formulate significantly calorie-reduced or calorie-free products, it is also true that economic benefits are realized by replacing sugar. Manufacturing cost of high intense sweeteners are in reality quite high, but as the sweetening power is hundredfold higher compared to sugar, a significant cost saving for the food and drink manufacturers is achievable since less product is needed to sweeten a product. However, looking for lower cost is many times accompanied with change in sensory quality. The vast majority of consumers is sensitive to changes in taste profiles and most times changes are judged negative. Hence, the focus of product developers is on keeping the good taste and reducing cost at the same time. HYET Sweet, with experience of more than 25 years in formulating sugar free products, developed a formulation for soft drinks using sweeteners in a mix that supply synergy for cost reduction and still maintain the desired sweetness profile. The sweetness itself is only one aspect of the quality. Also important is the time intensity curve.

The 3-way blend of HYET Sweet

With introduction of Sucralose, HYET Sweet designed a 3-way blend using the most commonly present sweeteners like Aspartame and Acesulfame-K in combination with Sucralose. The mix, successfully used for demo drinks at 2017 FI Europe Frankfurt was not only convincing from taste point of view. The economics were highly appreciated by all food and beverage professionals. Setting the cost of sugar (EU average) per liter of soft drink at Index 100, the mix cost less than 10%. Generating more than 90% cost savings and keeping a clean sweetness profile in a calorie free product is widely agreed  as a clever alternative.


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