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Jaap Seidell

Jaap Seidell, professor at the University of Amsterdam, and his views on aspartame

December 22, 2017 12:51 pm Tags: , ,

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Jaap Seidell is a professor at the “Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam” (University of Amsterdam) and weekly answers readers’ questions about nutrition and health. In his latetst article on Parool.nl, he sheds some light on the safety concerns about the use of aspartame in diet soda.

Without bias, Jaap Seidell addresses public safety issues and explains into detail what aspartame is and how studies have been conducted to explorer the safe use of aspartame. Read the full article on Parool.nl, in which he also answers many other pressing questions about nutrition and health.

Source: Parool.nl
Image: Jaap Seidell © Hollandse Hoogte