Aspartame is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose, here at HYET Sweet, we are Aspartame producers...

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Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener and sugar substitute. It is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose, supplying a sugar-like taste to a range of food and drink. We are leading Aspartame manufacturers, producers and suppliers.

Aspartame is used worldwide as a single sweetener and in blends with other high intensity sweeteners. We are global Aspartame manufacturers, the HYET Sweet team produce this sweetener from amino acids which are commonly present in natural food proteins. Aspartame is digested by the human body in the same way that proteins are and the sweetener is approved by over 120 countries in the world.

Low and condensed calorie foods and beverages are becoming increasingly popular as more people are choosing to enter an overall healthier lifestyle. The measure of Aspartame required to produce a sweet taste is incredibly small, therefore it produces a low calorie amount. The taste generally lasts longer than that of Sucrose so it is regularly blended with other sweeteners such as Acesulfame-K to produce a taste that is close to regular sugar.

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Aspartame can be used in a variety of products including:

  • Beverages (ready to drink and powdered)
  • Chewing Gum
  • Dairy
  • Nutritional and Dietary Products
  • Tabletop Sweeteners
  • Pharmaceuticals


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Product Name
Shelf Life
5 Years
Powder, Granular






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