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Sucralose and taste preferences, matching expectations

March 1, 2018 3:39 pm

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Sucralose is one of the high intense sweeteners approved by EU and FDA.The youngest molecule the food and beverage industry can benefit from. It was the first time that a commercially meaningful product was researched for by intention. Industry and science combined their efforts and finally brought the new sweetener to the market. Today Sucralose is approved and known around the globe, but still has a huge potential to grow. The sweetener offers important benefits, filling up gaps that other sweeteners left open.

Finding the right combination

The first decade of the 21st century was a real booming period for Sucralose. However, just replacing sugar by a theoretically calculated amount of a white powder, did many times fail to succeed.  Finding the right combination of flavoring and sweetening ingredients is critically for commercial success. In the food and beverage segment, consumers are sensitive to taste modifications. To a large extend, the behavior of consumers is conservative. Therefore, the taste is judged many times to be more important than marketing claims, which may help to trigger a test purchase, but do not support a regular use, if the taste is not matching expectations. Examples of product introductions supported by claims, but finally turning out as a flop because of taste issues , can be found around the globe.  At HYET Sweet we focus therefore on excellent taste to support our customers. Sucralose is part of a sweetener mix, which supplies on one hand sufficient synergy to be economically attractive, but also gives sugar like taste up to high levels of required sweetness.

Today we are proud to offer excellent alternatives to caloric sweeteners, matching the expectations and requirements of more than 250 Million consumers daily.

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